Part owner of baby food company, Nourishing Bubs, mum of two and wife of Nova radio host, Wippa, Lisa Wipfli is the girl you just want to become fast friends with.  She’s instantly loveable, refreshingly real and deeply fantastic. She also uses a weird machine to meditate…

How many kids have you made?

Just the two for now. Ted, 3 years old and Jack, 18 months old.


Give us a quick snapshot of how your average morning rolls out…

4.45am: Mike leaves for Nova.

6.30am: I wake up to the sound of Ted yelling ‘Mum, help help’. So dramatic. When I run upstairs he’s sitting on his bed smiling. This happens every single morning. Jack wakes shortly after. I then get myself dressed while the kids are playing with my makeup and watching some CBeebies. Getting dressed for me is pretty much activewear and a bit of makeup.

7.00am: I feed the kids breakfast, I have my smoothie, get the kids dressed, pack Ted’s pre-school bag.

9.00am: Drop Ted to pre-school.

9-11.30am: Jack and I then go to the playground or run some errands.

11.30am: back home for lunch.

What’s your morning smoothie recipe? 

My smoothie is: 

  • – Frozen banana
  • – Frozen spinach 
  • – Frozen blueberries
  • – Manuka honey
  • – Flaxseed meal
  • – Coconut water
  • – A handful of almonds
  • – Vegan protein powder


  • The kids love have:


  • – Banana
  • – Greek yoghurt
  • – Manuka honey
  • – Almonds
  • – Coconut water


Who does what in your house?

Mike handles all our financial admin and I handle all the children related admin. In terms of chores around the house, ha…that’s all me, I’m not sure Mike knows how to turn the washing machine or dishwasher on, but I’m ok with that though as Mike is so hands on with the boys and he always does bath time. I’m so lucky to have him home most days from 3pm.




What do you pack in your kids’ lunchbox?

I’m not at the lunchbox stage yet as Ted has lunch supplied for him at pre-school.

When the boys are at home I do a lot of salad and turkey wraps / sandwiches, zucchini slice, baked beans followed by seasonal fruit. Meanwhile, my lunch includes sandwich crusts and whatever else the kids throw on the floor.


What’s your go-to dinner the kids will always eat?

Homemade vegetarian pizzas – so basic but they’re a crowd pleaser and I use a torillla base and cram them with vegetables including red capsicum, spinach, mushrooms and pineapple and then topped with mozzarella.


What are your favourite bedtime books for kids?

They change all the time, but at the moment:

Goodnight Spaceman, Michelle Robinson

Here We Are, Oliver Jeffers

No One Likes a Fart,  Zoe Foster-Blake

Do Not Open This Book, Andy Lee


What’s keeping you awake at night?

Not much keeps me awake at night. I’m so busy during the day with the kids and then I work on my other baby, Nourishing Bubs, from 8.30pm until 11pm, so when my head hits that pillow and I read one page of my book, I’m out like a light.

What do you do for yourself?

I’m huge on factoring time for myself, it makes me a better mother and wife if I do. My regular ‘me time’ activities include: a facial once a month; pilates twice a week and a couple of times a week I put a hydrating mask on my face and do 15 minutes on my Zen Chi. This machine is brilliant and my way of meditating.



Girly maintenance go-tos

  • – The Clinic, try the Blueberry Antioxidant Peel.
  • – Kristin Fisher, for eyebrows.
  • – DFY Dental, for my new Invisalign smile.

What can you teach me in a couple of minutes?

My absolute favourite healthy sweet treat that’s always in our fridge is the coconut brownie.


The best book you’ve ever read?

All The Glitters, Pearl Lowe

In My Skin, Kate Holden


The last great podcast you listened to?

Ted Talk – Simon Sinek, How Great Leaders Inspire Action.


TV series you’re loving right now?

Billions and The Crown.


What was your last fashion purchase?

Gucci trainers.


Best health or beauty hack?

I’ve tried every health fad under the sun and nothing has stayed with me longer than organic green tea. I’ve been drinking it for 10 years. It gives me an energy boost without the spike and fall of coffee. It’s soothing, keeps my skin clear and boosts my metabolism.


The three beauty products you buy over and over again?

Sorry, I can’t keep it to just 3….

Go-to Face Hero Serum

Aspect Hydrating Mask

Aspect SPF 30 Sunscreen

Cosmedix Opticrystal Eye Cream

Cosmedix Elite X-Cell +

Cosmedix Charcoal Detox Mask






Thanks Lisa! You’re fantastic.


Side note: Nourishing Bubs is a range of vegetable purees, frozen into perfect individual portions. They’re  made using only locally-grown Aussie veggies and snap-frozen to hold all the goodness. There’s literally nothing else but veggies in it – no sugar, no salt, no thickeners, no preservatives.

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