Meet Mia Freedman. Mia likes daily runs on her home treadmill, leaving used tea bags around her home and office and dressing in as many clashing prints as humanly possible. She’s also the founder of the crazy successful Mamamia Women’s Network and is a tireless campaigner and supporter of women in general – she also recently launched Lady Startup which promotes small businesses run by women. She’s a powerhouse and also one of our dearest friends. No one gives a more honest interview than Mia, so we know you’re going to love this weeks profile…

How many kids have you made?

Three –  Luca (20), Coco (12) and Remy (9)

What’s keeping you awake at night?

Nothing keeps me awake at night because no matter how stressed I am, sleep is always my thing. I’m good at it. But busy is a given. Running a digital media company is like trying to drink from a fire hose. It’s a lot.


What do you do for yourself?

I exercise for about 30-40 mins every morning, seven days a week. I use it to manage my anxiety and it’s my me-time each day. I also drink 1000 enormous cups of tea every day. And I have dinner with a girlfriend at least once a week. I also have multiple group chats going with my girlfriends that keep me sane.


How is life admin allocated between you and your husband?

My husband is much tidier and more organised than me and it’s a real bone of contention. I’m comfortable with mess and chaos, in fact I often crave it as a form of creativity (also I’m lazy). We have a housekeeper who bridges the gap between our very disparate standards. The kids are all old enough to help out too.


Give us a quick snapshot of how your average morning rolls out…

Wake up at 5:45am. First tea of the day by 6. Quick scan of Mamamia then news sites, email, Slack, whatsapp and sometimes Instagram.

I listen to podcasts while I go for a run on the treadmill in my house then I shower and get dressed in the outfit I laid out on the floor the night before. I take one or both kids to school and I’m usually at the office anywhere from 8am-9am depending on whether I’m recording a podcast.


What’s for breakfast in your house? 

The kids make their own and I have a green smoothie to tick off all my veggies and vitamins for the day. I drink it while I get ready.


What do you pack in your kids’ lunchbox?

Absolutely no idea. They do it themselves. Resiliance!



What’s your go-to dinner the kids will always eat?

I can’t cook so I’d have to say anything from the chicken shop. Or Ubereats. Or something their grandmother cooked and dropped over.



Your all time favourite kids books?

I love the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls series and now there’s a version for boys. I don’t read to my kids anymore but they sometimes read to me!


Did you have any family traditions as a kid and have you continued those or started new ones with your kids?

I always try to start traditions and then abandon them because I forget. We are in that stage where we have sort of moved away from the traditions we had with our own parents and are trying to create new ones with our own kids. None have really taken hold yet!


What can you teach me in a couple of minutes?

Download Shebah. It’s like Uber but with only female drivers and they only take women and children as passengers. They are great if you have kids and need to get them picked up or dropped somewhere and you just cannot logistically do it because of your other kids or because of work. It’s a brilliant brilliant app/service.


What words would your husband/best friend/kids use to describe you?



What’s one tip we can all steal from your life?

Lower your expectations for yourself and raise them for your partner. Most women do the reverse and it’s a really hard way to live.

The most memorable book you’ve ever read?

Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle.


Last great podcast you listened to?

This Glorious Mess. It’s Mamamia’s parenting podcast with Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright and I just laugh and laugh. It’s brilliant.


TV series you’re addicted to right now?

The Good Place. I watch it with my kids. We also like Queer Eye.


What was your last fashion purchase?

I just bought a leopard coat from one of my favourite Lady Startup boutiques called JFahri who is online and has a Melbourne pop-up store.


Best health or beauty hack?

Taking Lexapro for my anxiety literally changed my life. But I also take Armaforce whenever I feel a cold coming on and it’s amazing how often I feel like it kills it.


The three beauty products you buy over and over again?

  1. Ecotan Winter Skin fake tan
  2. Hourglass brow pencil
  3. Inika Lipstick in After Dark


What’s the best holiday you’ve ever had with the kids?

Byron Bay for sure. We go there twice a year. I don’t have to think about it and we just chill together. We took the kids to europe a few years ago and spent the whole time wondering why we had wasted the money. With the jet lag and the touristy stuff, they just weren’t into it. The key I think for us is having friends who are up there at the same time so the kids can be occupied.


Thanks Mia! You’re fantastic.