This is Lindy Sorensen and like many new mums, Lindy found it daunting getting back in to an exercise routine post-pregnancy. So, being the doer that she is, Lindy decided to launch Aktivaal, an online fitness destination that would help her and other women like her with the motivation and encouragement to step back in to exercise. Oh and she launched her business the same week she moved house (can you even imagine?!)…



Tell us about Aktivaal, what’s the concept?

Aktivaal are beautiful curated boxes full of all of the luxe fitness essentials you need to get started in either yoga, swimming, running or post pregnancy fitness etc.


How is it going to change our fitness lives?

All of the Aktivaal boxes allow flexibility for women who don’t have enough hours in their day to make it to a gym. And why would you want to when you can do your workout on your balcony, in the park or near the beach?


What’s the cost?

Our boxes range from $150 to $390 – most include a $50 gift voucher from Stylerunner so you can get that sports bra or new pair of shoes for extra motivation.


You started the business after having your babies, how many kids do you have?

Sahara is 4, Amaya is 2 and I’m having a baby boy in August!



What’s keeping you awake at night?

We made a decision late last year to make a ‘tree change’ and move to the Southern Highlands to raise the girls. So we bought a farm complete with 35 cows and moved house the same week as I launched Aktivaal. So what’s keeping me awake right now is the logistics of juggling the morning and afternoon commute to school (which is 45 minutes each way), all that encompasses motherhood and trying to kickstart my online business.




How is life admin allocated between you and your husband?

My husband works and works out. I handle everything else. Haha. In all seriousness, he works long hours and shift work so I look after the girls, the animals, the school drop offs, cooking, renovations etc. I have a diary and 2 wall planners and write my list of things to do every morning over a coffee. I love it.


Give us a quick snapshot of how your average morning rolls out…

4:30: My first alarm goes off

5:00: My real alarm goes off. I eat my breakfast and have my coffee in peace and quiet. Then I write my list of things to do.

6:00: I try to get washing on and clean up in preparation for the morning chaos.

7:00: Girls wake and I have an hour to get them fed, dressed and their lunches made.

8:00: MUST depart the farm to make it in time.

8:45/9am: Arrive at school then turn around and head back to the farm.

10:00: Eat my second breakfast and start work.


What’s your go-to dinner the kids will always eat?

I love making the family a Louise Fulton Keats recipe from her ‘Something for Everyone’ recipe book. I use my thermomix every day and this one is so simple. It’s called Sesame crunch fish fingers with a broad bean yoghurt sauce. I alternate between barramundi and chicken fillets for this recipe. So simple and so addictive.


What do you like doing as a family?

One of our favourite things to do was to go camping but with the move and the launch of Aktivaal, we haven’t been able to do it enough. And now that I’m pregnant it may be a while still. But one of our favourite camping holidays was to Moreton Island when Amaya was only 10 months old. So many fantastic memories.


What’s one thing that makes your life easier and calmer?

The best thing I’ve started since becoming a mum is called the HOP (Hour of Power) by Georg from Winniedot. I was already doing this but she’s made it infamous. If you’re not following her, you absolutely should. So every morning I put my alarm on for an hour before I need to start my day. And I use this time to either eat, have my coffee, exercise. Just having that hour to myself as a mum has been invaluable and means I’m ready to go before the girls wake up. It also means you start your day on your terms rather than being woken up by hungry children.


Most memorable book you’ve read?

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis. How he is still alive astonishes me.


The last great podcast you listened to?

Anything by Melissa Ambrosini. If I need a pep talk, that’s where I go.



What was your last fashion purchase?

The grey dress I’m wearing in these photos, it’s from Legoe Heritage



Three beauty products you buy over and over again?

  1. Endota Organics Moisturising Mask (Sometimes I leave this on overnight for extra hydration).
  2. Endota Organics Face Wash
  3. Naked Tan Instant Tanner (Seriously the best, natural looking tan and you just put it on after a shower, let it dry and get dressed. It’s done!).




What’s the best holiday you’ve ever had with the kids?

Without doubt, Bora Bora at St Regis Resort. My husband still talks about it every day. Amaya was 2 and Sahara would have been 3.5. It was an incredibly indulgent holiday with breakfast by the pool, numerous cocktails while my daughter slept on top of me (jet lag) and lots of water sports. We had our own butler who did my washing and organized my wardrobe!


Thanks Lindy! You’re fantastic.

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