This is Lindy Sorensen and like many new mums, Lindy found it daunting getting back in to an exercise routine post-pregnancy. So, being the doer that she is, Lindy decided to launch Aktivaal, an online fitness destination that would help her and other women like her with the motivation and encouragement to step back in to exercise. Oh and she launched her business the same week she moved house (can you even imagine?!)…



Tell us about Aktivaal, what’s the concept?

Aktivaal are beautiful curated boxes full of all of the luxe fitness essentials you need to get started in either yoga, swimming, running or post pregnancy fitness etc.


How is it going to change our fitness lives?

All of the Aktivaal boxes allow flexibility for women who don’t have enough hours in their day to make it to a gym. And why would you want to when you can do your workout on your balcony, in the park or near the beach?


What’s the cost?

Our boxes range from $150 to $390 – most include a $50 gift voucher from Stylerunner so you can get that sports bra or new pair of shoes for extra motivation.


You started the business after having your babies, how many kids do you have?

Sahara is 4, Amaya is 2 and I’m having a baby boy in August!



What’s keeping you awake at night?

We made a decision late last year to make a ‘tree change’ and move to the Southern Highlands to raise the girls. So we bought a farm complete with 35 cows and moved house the same week as I launched Aktivaal. So what’s keeping me awake right now is the logistics of juggling the morning and afternoon commute to school (which is 45 minutes each way), all that encompasses motherhood and trying to kickstart my online business.




How is life admin allocated between you and your husband?

My husband works and works out. I handle everything else. Haha. In all seriousness, he works long hours and shift work so I look after the girls, the animals, the school drop offs, cooking, renovations etc. I have a diary and 2 wall planners and write my list of things to do every morning over a coffee. I love it.


Give us a quick snapshot of how your average morning rolls out…

4:30: My first alarm goes off

5:00: My real alarm goes off. I eat my breakfast and have my coffee in peace and quiet. Then I write my list of things to do.

6:00: I try to get washing on and clean up in preparation for the morning chaos.

7:00: Girls wake and I have an hour to get them fed, dressed and their lunches made.

8:00: MUST depart the farm to make it in time.

8:45/9am: Arrive at school then turn around and head back to the farm.

10:00: Eat my second breakfast and start work.


What’s your go-to dinner the kids will always eat?

I love making the family a Louise Fulton Keats recipe from her ‘Something for Everyone’ recipe book. I use my thermomix every day and this one is so simple. It’s called Sesame crunch fish fingers with a broad bean yoghurt sauce. I alternate between barramundi and chicken fillets for this recipe. So simple and so addictive.


What do you like doing as a family?

One of our favourite things to do was to go camping but with the move and the launch of Aktivaal, we haven’t been able to do it enough. And now that I’m pregnant it may be a while still. But one of our favourite camping holidays was to Moreton Island when Amaya was only 10 months old. So many fantastic memories.


What’s one thing that makes your life easier and calmer?

The best thing I’ve started since becoming a mum is called the HOP (Hour of Power) by Georg from Winniedot. I was already doing this but she’s made it infamous. If you’re not following her, you absolutely should. So every morning I put my alarm on for an hour before I need to start my day. And I use this time to either eat, have my coffee, exercise. Just having that hour to myself as a mum has been invaluable and means I’m ready to go before the girls wake up. It also means you start your day on your terms rather than being woken up by hungry children.


Most memorable book you’ve read?

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis. How he is still alive astonishes me.


The last great podcast you listened to?

Anything by Melissa Ambrosini. If I need a pep talk, that’s where I go.



What was your last fashion purchase?

The grey dress I’m wearing in these photos, it’s from Legoe Heritage



Three beauty products you buy over and over again?

  1. Endota Organics Moisturising Mask (Sometimes I leave this on overnight for extra hydration).
  2. Endota Organics Face Wash
  3. Naked Tan Instant Tanner (Seriously the best, natural looking tan and you just put it on after a shower, let it dry and get dressed. It’s done!).




What’s the best holiday you’ve ever had with the kids?

Without doubt, Bora Bora at St Regis Resort. My husband still talks about it every day. Amaya was 2 and Sahara would have been 3.5. It was an incredibly indulgent holiday with breakfast by the pool, numerous cocktails while my daughter slept on top of me (jet lag) and lots of water sports. We had our own butler who did my washing and organized my wardrobe!


Thanks Lindy! You’re fantastic.

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Meet Mia Freedman. Mia likes daily runs on her home treadmill, leaving used tea bags around her home and office and dressing in as many clashing prints as humanly possible. She’s also the founder of the crazy successful Mamamia Women’s Network and is a tireless campaigner and supporter of women in general – she also recently launched Lady Startup which promotes small businesses run by women. She’s a powerhouse and also one of our dearest friends. No one gives a more honest interview than Mia, so we know you’re going to love this weeks profile…

How many kids have you made?

Three –  Luca (20), Coco (12) and Remy (9)

What’s keeping you awake at night?

Nothing keeps me awake at night because no matter how stressed I am, sleep is always my thing. I’m good at it. But busy is a given. Running a digital media company is like trying to drink from a fire hose. It’s a lot.


What do you do for yourself?

I exercise for about 30-40 mins every morning, seven days a week. I use it to manage my anxiety and it’s my me-time each day. I also drink 1000 enormous cups of tea every day. And I have dinner with a girlfriend at least once a week. I also have multiple group chats going with my girlfriends that keep me sane.


How is life admin allocated between you and your husband?

My husband is much tidier and more organised than me and it’s a real bone of contention. I’m comfortable with mess and chaos, in fact I often crave it as a form of creativity (also I’m lazy). We have a housekeeper who bridges the gap between our very disparate standards. The kids are all old enough to help out too.


Give us a quick snapshot of how your average morning rolls out…

Wake up at 5:45am. First tea of the day by 6. Quick scan of Mamamia then news sites, email, Slack, whatsapp and sometimes Instagram.

I listen to podcasts while I go for a run on the treadmill in my house then I shower and get dressed in the outfit I laid out on the floor the night before. I take one or both kids to school and I’m usually at the office anywhere from 8am-9am depending on whether I’m recording a podcast.


What’s for breakfast in your house? 

The kids make their own and I have a green smoothie to tick off all my veggies and vitamins for the day. I drink it while I get ready.


What do you pack in your kids’ lunchbox?

Absolutely no idea. They do it themselves. Resiliance!



What’s your go-to dinner the kids will always eat?

I can’t cook so I’d have to say anything from the chicken shop. Or Ubereats. Or something their grandmother cooked and dropped over.



Your all time favourite kids books?

I love the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls series and now there’s a version for boys. I don’t read to my kids anymore but they sometimes read to me!


Did you have any family traditions as a kid and have you continued those or started new ones with your kids?

I always try to start traditions and then abandon them because I forget. We are in that stage where we have sort of moved away from the traditions we had with our own parents and are trying to create new ones with our own kids. None have really taken hold yet!


What can you teach me in a couple of minutes?

Download Shebah. It’s like Uber but with only female drivers and they only take women and children as passengers. They are great if you have kids and need to get them picked up or dropped somewhere and you just cannot logistically do it because of your other kids or because of work. It’s a brilliant brilliant app/service.


What words would your husband/best friend/kids use to describe you?



What’s one tip we can all steal from your life?

Lower your expectations for yourself and raise them for your partner. Most women do the reverse and it’s a really hard way to live.

The most memorable book you’ve ever read?

Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle.


Last great podcast you listened to?

This Glorious Mess. It’s Mamamia’s parenting podcast with Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright and I just laugh and laugh. It’s brilliant.


TV series you’re addicted to right now?

The Good Place. I watch it with my kids. We also like Queer Eye.


What was your last fashion purchase?

I just bought a leopard coat from one of my favourite Lady Startup boutiques called JFahri who is online and has a Melbourne pop-up store.


Best health or beauty hack?

Taking Lexapro for my anxiety literally changed my life. But I also take Armaforce whenever I feel a cold coming on and it’s amazing how often I feel like it kills it.


The three beauty products you buy over and over again?

  1. Ecotan Winter Skin fake tan
  2. Hourglass brow pencil
  3. Inika Lipstick in After Dark


What’s the best holiday you’ve ever had with the kids?

Byron Bay for sure. We go there twice a year. I don’t have to think about it and we just chill together. We took the kids to europe a few years ago and spent the whole time wondering why we had wasted the money. With the jet lag and the touristy stuff, they just weren’t into it. The key I think for us is having friends who are up there at the same time so the kids can be occupied.


Thanks Mia! You’re fantastic.


If you’re anything like us, thinking about what to cook for dinner every night (while factoring in fussy eaters who hate peas or won’t eat anything white) is enough to make us want to poke ourselves in the face with a fork. And let’s not even get started on the school lunch box… We want ideas. Easy, nutritional, sure-thing ideas that everyone will love. Enter Mandy Sacher, author of cookbook Wholesome Child. Mandy is like a nutrition oracle and has so many simple recipes and tips you can steal to make you feel like Mother Of the Century. Enjoy xx


How many kids have you made?

My favourite creations! Aaron is 7 and Summer is 4 (she keeps reminding me that she’s actually 4 and a QUARTER!)

What’s keeping you busy right now?

The past 18 months has been the busiest my life has ever been. Six months of long hours spent writing my book Wholesome Child: A Complete Nutrition Guide and Cookbook along with the launch to the Australian market last September has meant that things have been exceptionally action-packed.

My book is also due to launch in the US in the next month (pre-orders already available through Amazon, Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble amongst others) – meaning that there are a few international trips planned amidst much preparation and excitement.

Added to that are my gorgeous kids, whom I’m conscious to be around, for and with as much as possible. Life is definitely a juggling act at the moment!


What do you do for yourself?

I make a conscious effort each day to do some form of exercise or relaxation. That may be ten minutes of deep breathing before an event or Pilates ( my absolute favourite form of exercise). It’s often just 20 minutes here and there, however on the weekend I do try spend time with my family and friends going for walks and ‘nature adventures’ as my son calls them.


How is life admin allocated between you and your husband?

I’m fortunate to have a hands-on husband – both with the kids and with Wholesome Child. Given that we both work full time, daily chores and family duties are interchangeable, which suits our family and lifestyle.

I tend to manage the school and homework side of things and any illness related issues that crop up with the kids (they still want Mommy when they don’t feel well!) – and my husband is the handy-man around the home and tech whizz (which I’m definitely not!)


Give us a quick snapshot of how your average morning rolls out…

It’s a bit of a running joke in our family that whilst we may have managed to optimize my little ones’ nutrition side of things – unfortunately the sleeping element isn’t quite there yet. My daughter in particular often ends up in our bed in the middle of the night… so most mornings I wake up with a little limb in the face (or ribs).

Mornings can start anywhere between 5.30am -6am when I have scheduled meetings with my PR team in the US. Luckily my kids tend to be late sleepers – and often have to be coaxed out of sleep. Once they’re awake, there are plenty of repeat requests to put clothes on, discussions about which colour shoes are appropriate and how we want to wear our hair today…

Breakfast is at 7.30am – we all eat at the table together and I always start the day with a glass of lemon and water. If time permits (which is hardly ever) I add grated ginger. We have a breakfast planner, which the kids help me to create – so there are no surprises when breakfast is served. At around 8.30am, either myself, my husband or my Mum or Dad commences the school drop offs… and then the work day begins!


What’s for breakfast in your house? 

Given how manic our average morning is, I’m a big fan of quick, simple and nutritious options like smoothies (with added protein, chia seeds and a veg or two included with the fruit), some homemade granola from the pantry (made in bulk ahead of time)- or some homemade DIY coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit. A simple slice of spelt sourdough toast with a smear of delicious nut butter always goes down well and eggs are always a firm favourite!



What do you pack in your kids’ lunchbox?

Ideally, a nutritionally balanced lunchbox should contain: a serve of quality protein, one to two serves of a slow-release carbohydrate, two to three vegetables, a single serve of a healthy fat and a calcium-rich food.

The following options are some of my kids’ favourite lunchbox meals:



Some other popular side snacks:

  • Boiled egg in fun-shaped moulds
  • Veggie sticks with homemade dips
  • Lunchbox-friendly muesli bars (recipe in my book)
  • Simple seaweed wraps – seaweed strips, shredded veggies, shredded chicken that kids can wrap up themselves
  • Natural yoghurt and mixed fruit in a reusable container (freeze the night before so it’s slushy by the time kids eat it)
  • Cheese, tomato and cucumber salads (cut cheese into fun shapes)
  • Choc chia bliss balls (recipe in my book)
  • Fruit, veggie and cheese skewers
  • Trail mixes: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sultanas, popcorn, coconut flakes, carob nibs
  • Sourdough toast fingers with Betta than Nutella Choc Spread (school friendly)



What’s your go-to dinner the kids will always eat?

Spaghetti Bolognese is always a winner in my house. My recipe is packed with vegetables and it also makes my meat-loving husband happy, too!

Bolognese sauce is a great one to cook in advance and keep in the freezer for busy weeknights. We pair it with wholegrain pasta, baked sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables or even wholegrain wraps with salad. It’s versatility is a winner and leftovers make a great lunchbox addition in cooler months, too.

Full recipe: 



What does an ideal daily menu look like for young kids?

A protein packed breakfast such as eggs with a side of avocado and spelt sourdough toast

Plenty of veggies for a mid-morning snack, paired with healthy dips such as hummus, butternut hummus, avocado guacamole or tzatziki

Brain boosting salmon and millet rissoles with a side of sweet potato veggies (I often use leftovers from dinner the night before or have a batch of cooked patties stored in the freezer).

For mid-afternoon snack, a fresh piece of fruit alongside a sugar stabilizing snack such as flaxseed crackers or a seaweed wrap with veggies and a piece of cheese.

Dinners should always be a sit down affair, I encourage families to swap it up and rotate between meat, fish, chicken, legumes and egg based dishes. I also encourage a salad to be served before or with the meal and a side of steamed or baked veggies. It’s important to model healthy eating behaviours and exposing children to plenty of vegetables at the dinner meal goes a long way in boosting their intake, especially when only 1 in 5 children is meeting the recommended intake of veggies per day.



5 things always in your grocery trolley?

Almond milk, Spelt Sourdough Bread (I love sourdough!), fresh berries, leafy greens and baby cucumbers!


Did you have any family traditions as a kid and have you continued those or started new ones with your kids?

When I was growing up, every evening we would begin our family meal with salad. I have carried this tradition on with my own children. Both my children are avid salad eaters. I also spent many happy hours helping my mum in the kitchen. I have the fondest memories of those times and have always been keen to recreate the magic with my own kids. I’m fortunate that they are very eager participants – each week we cook something special together.

I think it goes a long way towards teaching little ones about food prep, healthy ingredients and spending quality time together.


What can you teach me in a couple of minutes?

The easiest and most delicious gluten-free and dairy-free vegan cheese dip! It’s the perfect snack with veggie stick or wholegrain crackers and great for entertaining:

Simply soak 1 cup raw cashews in 2 cups of water for 2-4 hours, drain and blend with ¼ cup water, 2 tbs nutritional yeast, 1-2 tbs lemon juice, 1 garlic clove, 1tbs Dijon mustard, 1tbs fresh dill and salt/pepper to taste. Done! It stores in the fridge for up to a week, too.


What words would your husband/best friend/kids use to describe you?

Haha- that very much depends on the day and the person you ask! 😉 Whilst writing this, I asked my husband and his words were “pain in the neck”… hee hee. Apparently that was a joke and he has since described me as “determined, passionate, resilient and hardworking”. My son offered up “funny, cooks well, helps me with my reading, gives great hugs and is great at Nintendo”.

What’s one tip we can all steal from your life?

Trying to keep life balanced is ALWAYS a work in progress – for all of us.

The one thing that I’ve found has made the biggest difference recently is my decision to compartmentalise things and priorities. I’ve been making a conscious effort to split up my time and really focus on being mindful in whatever I’m doing. Distraction is so easy when there are so many things going on!

Making a daily list (with reasonable expectations) and making time to exercise has been very useful. In the evenings when I’m with my kids now I’m REALLY with them for those few hours after school and before bedtime. It’s part of the evening routine and it’s made the nights calmer as my kids are aware that they’re getting my full attention.

The most memorable book you’ve ever read?

I find the multi-talented Ariana Huffington incredibly inspiring and reading her book Thrive enlightened me on many levels and rescued me from all those moments of self-doubt and entrepreneurial angst.

One of my favourite quotes from her: “Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.”

Girl maintenance address book:

QuietSpace in Double Bay is perfect for my sensitive skin. I’ve been going there for years and can’t recommend them highly enough. Their enzyme treatments really nourish the skin and work from the inside out.

The three beauty products you buy over and over again?

  1. Glo Minerals concealer
  2. DMK Betagel
  3. Hourglass bronzer.


What’s the best holiday you’ve ever had with the kids?

Over this past Christmas break, our family went away to Mudgee with our closest friends and had an absolutely amazing time reconnecting with nature and disconnecting from technology!

 We couldn’t have been happier with the accommodation that we chose and highly recommend Mudgee’s Getaway Cottages.

Self-catering holidays (especially with little ones) is something that I always enjoy – both in terms of cooking for my family as well as the convenience factor. The beautiful and lush vegetable gardens on the property meant that the children could explore the delicious produce on offer and we could choose and pick our own veggies for our meals. From earth to plate. A luxury that we don’t often get, living in Sydney! Needless to say, all children fell asleep early, slept soundly and woke up later than normal (another holiday win for the adults!)


Mandy Sacher is a paediatric nutritionist, mum and author of the Wholesome Child Complete Nutrition Guide and Cookbook (available online and via iTunes). You can learn more about Mandy’s Group Workshops or connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.


Thanks Mandy! You’re fantastic.


Total sunshine is the best way to sum up Sally Obermeder. She quite literally oozes happiness from every pore. As a mum of two, TV host, radio presenter, author, breast cancer survivor and co-founder of, Sally is without doubt one of the most Fantastic (and hectically busy!) women we have ever met. Get ready to swindle some awesome tips from her daily life. (Also you need to order her SWIISH DELIISH Super Green Superfood Powder ASAP, that stuff is life changing. Swear). 


How many kids have you made?

Annabelle is six and Elyssa is nearly 16 months old.


What’s keeping you busy right now/What’s keeping you awake at night? 

LOTS … hahaha … mostly keeping up with the growth of the SWIISH business and working out efficient ways to create systems and process and also trying to grow the team so that we can cope with the rapid expansion. What keeps me awake, are the endless tabs that I gave open like a computer … it’s everything and anything and the dialogue goes a bit like this “don’t forget to fill in Annabelle’s school form”, “what time is that The Daily Edition pre-record?” “Where should we have our next SWIISH dinner?” “Do I need to book a table for a family dinner?”



What do you do for yourself?

For the past few years, I have been focused on my family, my job at Channel Seven and the business that I’d forgotten about me. I learnt the hard way (getting so sick that blood was pouring out of my ear) that I needed to start prioritising my self care. It’s such a cliché and an annoying one at that, but it’s true – If I’m not 100%, I can’t give 100% to anything else.

At the end of 2017, I made a pact that I would start placing greater emphasis on my self care and also my relationship with Marcus.

So now have a morning exercise schedule that is a non-negotiable. I train at Base Body Studio with my sister and business partner, Maha, 3 mornings a week and we have a personal trainer, Christa, who comes to our home or office once a week. We’re in a little rhythm now and I absolutely love it. I also will never say no to a day at a spa where I can get a massage or a facial. Marcus and I also wanted to start having more fun and doing more hobbies, like we did pre-kids, so we’ve started going to Italian classes every week. So far, I’ve learnt how to say “hello”, “my name is Sally” and “where can I get a pizza?” Hahaha.


Who does what in your house?

Marcus does the grocery shopping and I do all the admin associated with the girls, including school, play dates, parties and extra-curricular activities. We share drop off and pick up and we both cook (usually together).

I do Elyssa’s bath and we alternate story time and homework with Annabelle. We have been together for 17 years so we have become much better at finding a balance between the physical division of housework but I think like most mothers, I still do the majority of the mental thinking of who will go where with whom at what time and all that other stuff that mothers tend to do! Marcus is great at actioning it as long as I tell him what to do hahaha!


Give us a quick snapshot of how your average morning runs…


I try and wake up before the girls every morning. Ideally half an hour but even 10 minutes is better than nothing. I use this time to get a head start on the day before the day takes over and consumes me. If I am really organised, I will meditate and have a strong coffee in silence or if it’s a rush job, I’ll skip the meditation and head straight for the caffeine!

As soon as the girls wake up, it’s go, go, go with breakfast, getting dressed and tearing the scooter/hoola hoop/roller skates off Annabelle and corralling her into the car. Mornings are a mix of chatter and laughter and a few eye rolls and deep sighs!


What’s for breakfast in your house? 

Without fail, I will always have a green smoothie and a glass of water with our SWIISH DELIISH Super Green Superfood Powder. The powder is loaded with over 40 fruits, veggies, prebiotics, probiotics and superfoods so I know that I’m getting a dose of all the good stuff first thing in the morning. It makes me feel good to know I’ve done something for myself and my health first up.

I swear by green smoothies for glowing skin, good digestion and overall amazing health. The one that’s high on rotation at the moment is our Green Supreme Layered Smoothie from our latest book Simple and Lean. It’s got mango, banana, spinach and almond milk in it so it basically tastes like summer in a jar.



Annabelle generally has toast while Elyssa has overnight oats with chopped up banana and mango. Both girls also have our SUPER KIDS powder which is packed with veggies, fruits and superfoods for growing bodies.



What do you pack in your kids’ lunchbox?

Annabelle is old enough now to help us make her lunch and we’ve figured out this is the best way to get her to eat everything. We use bento box style lunch boxes and make up a ‘veggie box’ for her, which has sliced carrot, cucumber, celery and cherry tomatoes. She’ll also have vegemite crackers, yoghurt, and a treat of her choice. For the treat, she’ll usually pick something herself or I will make a big batch of something out of Simple and Lean. The Raspberry Coconut Balls are her favourite at the moment and are super simple to make with only five ingredients. She loves it because it tastes sweet and I love that it’s healthy!

Elyssa doesn’t have a lunch box yet so she eats off my plate and quite literally straight out of my hand. She’s a much bigger consumer of cheese and meat compared to Annabelle – Elyssa is the carnivore, whilst Annabelle is more the vegan!!


What’s your go-to dinner the kids will always eat?

Our go-to is a Deconstructed Rice Paper Roll Bowl from Simple and Lean and I think it works so well because the kids can build their own. We put all the ingredients on the dining table like a buffet and they can just pick what they want. Marcus and I can also eat it and add more ingredients (like chilli) that aren’t as kid-friendly. This one is also great to make when you have guests over and you’ve got lots of mouths to feed. It keeps everyone happy!



Deconstructed Rice Paper Roll Bowl

DF // GF // NF // SF // 2385 KJ/570 CAL PER SERVE // SERVES 4


Small barbecued chicken, skin removed and shredded

100 g/3½ oz vermicelli noodles, cooked (about 2 cups)

2 Lebanese (short) cucumbers, sliced into matchsticks

100 g (3½ oz/1 cup) snow peas (mangetout), thinly sliced

1 large avocado, thinly sliced

2 carrots, grated

1 red capsicum (pepper), seeded and sliced into matchsticks

4 large leaves butter lettuce, sliced

1 mango, thinly sliced

25 g (1 oz/½ cup) basil leaves, sliced

10 g (¼  oz/½ cup mint leaves, sliced

1 red chilli, seeded and sliced (optional)

1 cup ready-made kimchi handful of bean sprouts (optional)


80 ml (2½ fl oz/⅓ cup) sweet chilli sauce

2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar

1 tablespoon fish sauce

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger


Put all the dressing ingredients into a small bowl or mixing jug and whisk to combine. Arrange four serving bowls, dividing all ingredients equally between them and placing each ingredient around the side of the bowl.

Top with the chilli and sprouts (if using) and drizzle with the dressing.


  • If you’re extra-hungry, use more avocado.
  • A swap we like to make sometimes is five cooked king prawns (shrimp) per serve from the local fishmonger, instead of chicken.
  • If you don’t want it spicy, drop the kimchi as well as the red chilli.


What are your favourite bedtime books for kids?

I have a book that I grew up with, that Annabelle now has and it’s called The Value of Believing in Yourself, it’s the story of Louis Pasteur, the amazing scientist who created the vaccine for rabies and he also invented the process of pasteurisation. It’s essentially a book about how people thought he was odd and they disregarded him and made fun of him, but he didn’t care. He knew he was working on something important that meant something to him and so he carried on despite the taunts. He then goes on to save a little boy and of course becomes the hero. But the moral is, you have to believe in yourself. Which is a theme I love and wholeheartedly believe in.


Did you have any family traditions as a kid and have you continued those or started new ones with your kids?

We started a Thanksgiving tradition at home thanks to Elyssa being born via a surrogate in the States in 2016. It’s been a beautiful new tradition that we have loved welcoming into our home. We do a huge sit down family dinner and it’s been a beautiful way to inject some Americana into our home.

We have also started a tradition that our surrogate family did, which is called the Summer Fun List. On the last day of term, we get a big piece of butcher’s paper and write all the things we want to do over the summer on it. We choose a mix of new activities, like camping on the balcony or having a lemonade stand, along with our favourite things, plus we include activities in the give back category, like helping hand out food at a homeless shelter, and we tick them off as we do them. It’s been a beautiful new tradition.


In terms of traditions from my house, aside form all the usual ones, my mum created CC Tuesdays. Meaning Chargrill Chicken Tuesdays, which now looking back I can see was “I don’t feel like cooking” Tuesdays. LOL. So in the spirit of my mumma, we have also adopted it into our home. Well, sort of. I changed it to Pizza Tuesdays because I swear I was Italian in another life. We have an open door policy, so whoever is free comes over and they always know what they’re having. It’s also a nice chance to catch up with everyone mid-week.


What do you like doing as a family?

For us, it’s all about the simple things in life. We live right near a huge park so one of our weekend rituals is to walk down there with scooters, soccer balls and food. Marcus and I will get a coffee and a bite to eat from the café and we literally spend hours walking around, playing and petting that walks past us. We wouldn’t have it any other way!



What can you teach me in a couple of minutes?

I can show you how to nail a deliciously sweet whip that tastes amazing and has so many hidden vegetables in it that you would fall over if I told you the truth! It also takes about one minute to make, which is a bonus! Oh and it’s dairy free, sugar free, gluten free and nut free and is super low in calories!

Skinny and SWIISH Whipped Superfood Bowl

DF // GF // NF // SF // V // VG // P //



2 frozen bananas

40 g (1½ oz/¼ cup) frozen chopped pineapple

1 teaspoon lime juice

Zest of ½ lime

2 teaspoons SWIISH DELIISH Super Green Superfood Powder


Put all the ingredients into a food processor and blend. You will see that the ingredients start out a bit crumbly; just keep blending until it comes together into a whip.


Get all your ingredients ready before you start: you’ll want to ensure that everything goes into the blender frozen, as that will produce the best consistency.


  • Tinned pineapple is fine, but rinse it first.
  • Our SWIISH DELIISH Super Green Superfood Powder contains more than 40 different fruits, vegetables, superfoods and probiotics. It also has a deliciously refreshing pine–lime flavour, and we’ve amped up this recipe with the lime juice and rind. If you already have another green superfood powder blend you can use that, but the flavour will be different. Ours is available from



What words would your husband/best friend/kids use to describe you?

I just asked the team and this is what they said: hilarious, generous, tenacious, determined, kind, unstoppable. Thanks gorgeous girls!

Give us one tip we can all steal from your life that will simplify ours?

I voice record all of my emails when I am working off my phone, rather than typing everything out. It makes my life so much faster and easier and now I can’t imagine going back to typing!

The most memorable book you’ve ever read?

This is the most recent, memorable book – You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness by Jen Sincero. I read it when we went on a family holiday to the beach in the January school holidays. I love how open and refreshing Jen is about life and taking charge of your happiness and destiny, but also at the absolute core is that it’s about being kind to yourself and loving yourself. As well as being insightful it’s also surprisingly funny.


The last great podcast you listened to?

I love Gabrielle Bernstein’s podcast. All the episodes are based on creating a happy life but in a non-cheesy way. My sister, Maha, got me onto Gabrielle and I am obsessed. Her book, Spirit Junkie, is also amazing.


TV series you’re loving right now?

Unreal on Stan. This show is BRILLIANT. If you haven’t seen it do yourself a favour and sit back with a vino and watch and laugh. I’m also really looking forward to The Mentor with Mark Bouris, which is coming soon to Channel Seven.


What was your last fashion purchase?

One of the reasons I wanted to open our SWIISH online store is so that I’d constantly have clothes to shop from on a regular basis hahaha. I’m joking but it is one of the best perks! When we started the e-commerce side of our business, Maha and I made a pact to only stock pieces that we would wear and that’s what we’ve done ever since. We only stock pieces that we absolutely adore, which means that I don’t actually get out to the shops that often because I have everything in the office.

In saying that though, we don’t sell shoes (I’m constantly asking Maha if we can haha!) so my shoe addiction is at an all-time high! I recently got a pair of boots from Alias Mae that are so luxe and so fabulous. They’re the Cordella in black.


These guys make beautiful shoes … I pretty much wore these heels everyday this past summer.


Best health or beauty hack?

People think I am absolutely crazy when I say this but I apply magnesium oil to the soles of my feet every single night and I am seriously out like a light. The skin on your feet absorbs magnesium oil really well, which promotes an incredibly restful sleep.


The three beauty products you buy over and over again?

  1. Aerin Lauder’s Gardenia Rattan fragrance
  2. Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment
  3. Rev-Oil-Ution Body Oil


What’s the best holiday you’ve ever had with the kids?

Ayana in Bali – because 5 star resort. I mean, need I say more???? LOL.

Locally, my favourite place and regular destination with the kids in tow is Byron Bay because it’s easy to manage and it ticks the box for everyone. Byron has everything you need in a holiday – the beach and parks for the kids, GREAT food using local produce, amazing and lots of great shopping. The fact that we can escape the city grind and be in the sunshine after a one-hour flight is a bonus. 



Thanks Sally! You’re fantastic.


To describe Justine in one word? Resourceful. The girl has hustle. She’s also ridiculously clever, funny-as-heck and annoyingly beautiful. And she can speed read like Kath Day-Knight. Legit. Despite her insanely busy life as Ed-in-Chief of Elle Magazine and mum’ing to three boys, Juz is always looking for ways to make the fun even funner – especially when it involves a theme and dress up. She’s the person I text when I need a good book/Netflix/movie/podcast recommendation because she’s extremely zeitgeisty and always knows about the cool stuff before it’s cool. So please, read on and enjoy her fantastic-ness.  

xx Bron


How many kids have you made?

Milo, 13, Iggy, 11, Scout, 5 


What’s keeping you awake at night?

I’m in between nannies right now (taking applications if anyone is keen!) and I have to travel a lot for my job (on a plane to Paris as I type this) so no matter what I’m doing, somewhere in the back of my head, a part of me is pretty much always working out the jigsaw puzzle of childcare. I always somehow forget about certain mornings or afternoons and end up in a mad, last minute, cross-hemisphere panic. Travelling for work is a wonderful privilege but also, F*#K!!! 


What do you do for yourself?

I’d like to meditate and exercise more but I genuinely struggle to find the minutes. When it comes to treatments I tend to only allocate time to the surface essentials (pedicures, waxes) but if I get the time I do love an Omnilux for giving all the results of a facial in 20 minutes. My real me time is in the car. For a mother it’s a real luxury, to be alone with your thoughts. I think that is why I’ve never been bothered by my long commute. And I do like a glass of red with my girlfriends or a cocktail with my partner after work. But if I need genuine self-care, you’ll find me lying on the sofa watching US Bachelor or Survivor or planning a holiday online. I’m never happier. 


How is life admin allocated between you and your partner?

I would say that we are exactly 50/50, which is quite amazing because my partner is not even my children’s father. He’s a phenomenal human. 

Give us a quick snapshot of how your average morning rolls out…


My day can start in one of two ways:

Morning routine one :

5.30am – Roll out of bed and into the shower. No grooming, just chuck on clothes and go.

5:45am – Get in the car. Listen to podcasts while driving for  almost an hour.

6:40am – Arrive at work, maybe throw some kettle bells around if my day doesn’t look too insane and I’m feeling motivated (rarely), then do all my grooming desk-side. 


Morning routine two:

6:30am –  Wake up to a nude 5 year old sneaking into our bed (he’s decided he likes sleeping au natural).

7am – 8:30am: Say goodbye to my (dressed) son in Year 7 who is completely self sufficient and leaves early to catch the bus. Make the others’ lunches (I used to do lunch orders every day but I gave it up for lent after I calculated what I was spending on 15 lunches every week), panic about everything I should have done the night before and haven’t, argue with Scout about wearing socks, kiss goodbye to my son in year 6, drop Scout to school listening to Thunderstruck on repeat the whole way, battle peak hour traffic, yell at Waze for taking me the wrong way, do all my grooming deskside. 

Obviously I prefer the days when I start work early and outsource the mornings. 


What’s for breakfast in your house? 

Weekdays – bircher for Milo, eggs for Iggy (they both feed themselves), toast and fruit salad for Scout, nothing for me. I’m a lunch girl. 

Weekends – pancakes for all. It’s a ritual we all love. 


What do you pack in your kids’ lunchbox?

This is mortifying but I’ve started freezing sandwiches so they can grab them and run when I’m not there. The trick is to freeze when the bread is super fresh, make sure there’s a layer of butter between the bread and any fillings, and use both foil and a sandwich bag. 


What’s your go-to dinner the kids will always eat?

If I want a dinner they’ll always eat with a decent amount of veg, it’s tacos all the way. But because that’s boring, here’s a link to the best Nutella stuffed peanut butter cookies you’ll ever make.

What are your favourite bedtime books for kids?

For little kids: The Fly, Peepo, Bear Hunt, Charlotte’s Web

For older kids: Narnia, Chris Colfer’s Land of Stories series, The Graveyard Book (amazing!)

Did you have any family traditions as a kid and have you continued those or started new ones with your kids?

Both, and too many to mention. We’re very sentimental people. 


What do you like doing as a family?

We go to the beach, we watch movies, and we spend a lot of time with our extended group of friends who all have kids the same age just hanging out (most Friday nights we have ‘street dinners’ with a pot luck meal and it always ends in dancing). We are also obsessed with card games like Speed and Stress. Mostly we like lying around by the pool drinking Virgin (for the kids) and pina (for us) coladas. We’re a pretty festive household. 

 [Juz’s commitment to a theme party is next level!]

What can you teach me in a couple of minutes?

Apparently I’m a prawn peeling speed demon. Head off first in one swift break. Use your thumb to pull off all the legs. Squeeze the tail to remove. Devein. Eat. 



What words would your inner circle use to describe you?

Super Planner! And sometimes, deranged planner. 


What’s one thing that makes your life easier/calmer/more balanced/more fun/more healthy  – One tip we can all steal from your life?

I used to spend a stupid amount of time deliberating over what to cook for dinner, or waste a stupid amount of money shopping for groceries we never used. Now I get Marley Spoon delivered every week and it’s a game changer. I’ve tried literally every dinner service out there and it’s by far the best because you can pick your recipes, everything is bagged per recipe and easy to follow, and the meals are really good. (#notsponsored)

The most memorable book you’ve ever read?

Impossible to choose. I did love The Time Traveller’s Wife. 


The last great podcast you listened to?

I’m currently obsessed with Still Processing, by two culture writers from the NYT. Pop culture dissected academically – I swear my vocabulary has improved since I started listening to them riff. 


TV series you’re loving right now?

Unreal Season 3 and the new season of US Survivor. I can’t wait for the second season of The Handmaids Tale too. 


What was your last fashion purchase?

 A dress from Albus Lumen. It hasn’t arrived yet but I’m praying it fits. I’ve found I know my body less and less as I age. 


Best health or beauty hack?

Magnesium for everything, and PS supplements for cortisol management – they really do make a difference. Also, I have an amazing portable infra red sauna at home.


The three beauty products you buy over and over again?

Mac Face and Body Foundation.

Ouai hair oil.

Coqui Coqui perfume (I never reveal which one).

Having been in magazines my whole adult life, these are literally the only beauty products I’ve ever found so irreplaceable that I’ve actually purchased them rather than just grabbing something similar from the beauty cupboard. 


What’s the best holiday you’ve ever had with the kids?

Travel with kids is everything. I have a deal with my sons that before they become teenagers they get a solo holiday just with me. Being the same gender and close in age, they tend to get lumped together, so it’s a way of spending some quality time with them as individuals before it all goes teen-shaped. Milo and I went to London, and Iggy and I are literally on our way to Paris right now. But my favourite holidays with the kids are the easy ones. I know it’s not cool to love Fiji, but any place where you can leave home and be in floating in a warm water paradise in four hours is alright by me. We love Vomo Island. But right now I’m in the middle of planning a 6 week American road trip for the end of the year. We are all SO excited. If I survive it, I’ll report back. 


Thanks Juz! You’re fantastic.