PLAY etc. is committed to manufacturing products under safe and fair working conditions. Our ethical criteria includes labour rights and fair and safe working conditions. Factories manufacturing PLAY etc. garments must demonstrate the following:


Freedom of employment

Suppliers must not use forced, child workers and all workers must be free to leave work at the end of the shift and terminate their employment with reasonable notice.


Safe working conditions

A safe and hygienic working environment with adequate steps taken to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of, or occurring in the course of, work by minimising as far as practical hazards in the workplace.


Fair wages

Wages must be paid in line with national legal standards or industry benchmarks, whichever is greater. Wages must be paid at regular intervals according to national or industry benchmarks.


Reasonable working hours

Suppliers must comply with applicable laws and regulations in regards to working hours and must operate in a manner that promotes humane and productive hours of work and working conditions. Any overtime worked must be by the choice of factory employee.


Our suppliers are based in China, Japan, India, America and Australia.