A YEAR FULL OF STORIES by Angela McAllister


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We love the illustrations in this book! 52 folk tales and legends from around the world celebrating International Day of Friendship, Valentine’s Day, seasonal events and festivals.

Familiar tales such as The Frog Prince and The Little Red Hen are included as well as stories from classical tradition (Androcles and the Lion and Persephone) and stories from world religions (Jonah and the Whale and Rama and Sita).

There are stories with echoes of the familiar, for example The Runaway Pancake probably better known The Gingerbread Man. There are stories which explain the mysteries of the world, such as the America story Why the Evergreens Keep their Leaves and stories which teach the value of friendship and kindness.

Collected and retold by award-winning author Angela McAllister, and illustrated by Christopher Corr.

Happy reading, there’s a story for every week of the year!