Oh hey! We're PLAY etc., 

We're a playwear label for women and kids 0-14 based in sunny Bondi Beach.  We like fun so our designs are bright and playful and most importantly, they're easy to wear. We got rid of as many buttons, zips and annoying clasps as possible so kids can dress themselves. We like to think if our clothes as little memory makers - that favourite dress she'll remember forever.  

We're inspired by the good old days of our own childhood, the fun times spent with friends and the excitement over the simple things. 

So I guess you may want to know a little bit about us?

Well, we're kids of the '80s. You know, when cassette tapes were made... stop, pause, record, play, fast forward. There were no emojis to capture the frustration of missing the beginning of your favourite song.

Hours were spend in our bedrooms; our sanctuary, which by the 90s were painted cobalt blue and thumb-tacked with Smash Hits posters. Nothing happened fast, the beeping and humming as the modem woke up. The 24 roll fill: snapped and developed. Salty hair lying in the grass, melted Paddle Pops and laughing so hard our tummies hurt. Years felt like decades when you were 6 and three quarters. 

As teenagers, poring over the pastes of Dolly was a right of passage. Each month rushing to the shops to see who's on the cover, what poster was inside and which questions Dolly Dr. had answered. Then, finding a quiet place to begin reading. Every. Single. Word. It was the beginning of a love affair with the printed page that years later would lead to our friendship in the hallways of Kerry Packer's ACP where we met and worked together. 

Bron had just moved from Editor of Dolly and was now Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan and Kristiina was in the sales team working side-by-side on these iconic magazines of our childhood. We tossed around business ideas many times over the years, always around kids, always something to feed our creative sides. So, here we are (finally), with five kids between us, introducing our playful brand for girls and boys. Fun and timeless designs, quality fabrics, ethical production and easy to wear styles. 

We hope you enjoy PLAY etc. as much as we have loved creating it!